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Team members

then $15 per extra member / month


Build minutes 1

then $5 per additional 500 minutes


Preview minutes 2,3

then $10 per additional 10K minutes

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1 One build minute is defined as running a build instance with 4 GB of RAM / 1 vCPU for 1 minute.

2 Ten thousand preview minutes is approximately equivalent to previewing an application for four work weeks (5 days per week x 8 hours per day).

3 One preview minute is defined as running an instance with 1 GB of RAM / 0.25 vCPU for 1 minute. Uffizzi compute runs on general-purpose machines with a 4:1 RAM to CPU ratio. For example, if a user allocates 0.5 GB of RAM, the CPU share will be 0.125 vCPU.

* A Team Member is anyone who commits code that is previewed on Uffizzi or has a user account on Uffizzi.

** Build minutes and Preview minutes are sold as blocks of minutes. When your account has consumed your current block of build or preview minutes your account purchases a new block of minutes. Usage resets with every billing cycle and each account starts over with their free allocation.


Preview full-stack applications

Frontends / static assets

Backends / APIs


Docker Compose-based configuration

Docker Compose format



Event-driven Continuous Previews

Trigger previews on events

Preview pull requests

Preview new/updated images

Self-serve dashboard for developers

Simple UI

Sandboxed environments

Role-based access control

Automated builds & previews from GitHub

Import repos

Preview pull requests

Share preview URL in PR

Works with your existing CI/CD pipeline

Bring your own build system

Tag-based previews

Set previews to expire

Single sign-on (SSO)

All major identity providers

SAML & OpenID Connect

Simple set up process

Get help from our community or team

Uffizzi Users Slack (free)

Email 8x5 (paid accounts)

Submit feature requests

Free for open-source projects

Get extra seats free

Free build & preview minutes

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Uffizzi's Continuous Previews take the hard work out of creating dynamic environments and enables your cross-functional team to preview in-progress feature development, quickly iterate, and deliver software faster than ever before. It's time to add CP to your CI/CD development model.





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