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Previewing code before it’s merged shouldn’t be limited to frontends. Define your full-stack apps with a familiar syntax based on Docker Compose, then Uffizzi will create on-demand test environments when you open pull requests or build new images. Preview URLs are updated when there’s a new commit, so your team can catch mistakes early, iterate quickly, and accelerate your release cycles.

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Accelerate Your Development Velocity with Continuous Previews

Our platform takes the hard work out of creating temporary hosting environments for in-progress feature development. Uffizzi uses event triggers to create on-demand QA environments for full-stack apps & microservices. Each preview gets a shareable URL that’s continuously updated when you push new commits. Uffizzi enables your cross-functional team to review topic branches before they’re merged.

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Event-driven &

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Continuous Previews (CP) enable your team to easily deploy git topic branches to on-demand test environments that last only as long as you need them.

Your full-stack and microservices applications can be configured with infrastructure-as-code using Uffizzi Compose YAML files.

First you CP
then you CI/CD

Continuous Previews are for cross-functional teams that need to rapidly review in-progress features or bug fixes. Each preview gets a shareable URL that’s continuously updated when you push new commits. Catch problems early—instead of discovering them after you merge to QA or Staging.

Once your team is happy with the feature or bug fix, merge the topic branch to kick off your CI/CD process to verify its integration.

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Develop your features locally, then push commits to your team’s remote repositories.
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GitHub Events, such as pull requests, can automatically trigger a preview or tear it down.

Share the preview URL with your team for review, or connect to Jira to keep previews in sync with your tickets. The preview updates when you push new commits, so you can keep iterating until your feature’s approved.
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Invite your team to review
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Merge with confidence knowing that the feature meets all acceptance criteria. Your existing CI/CD solution picks up where Uffizzi leaves off.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Continuous Previews capability and methodology builds upon the well-known CI/CD model to further improve the speed and efficiency with which your organization builds and releases software. CP enables you to shift your entire QA process upstream so that your cross-functional team can collaborate early and avoid the time opportunity cost of siloed development. CP also improves your CI troubleshooting by narrowing down your problems to only integration issues - your functionality issues have already been fully tested in the CP process.

We will set up a custom hosted solution upon request for organizations that are not on Kubernetes. We chose to make our capability a Kubernetes powered solution because it's a modern solution for organizations who value speed and efficiency.

Uffizzi overlays onto any CNCF certified K8s cluster and can be installed with a single YAML file in just a few minutes. This can be a cluster provided by any of the major cloud providers i.e. EKS, AKS, GKE and others or your on-premise cluster. Installation can be conducted by any engineer on your team with K8s experience. The major step is installing the Uffizzi Controller onto your cluster. We recommend that your organization's Sysadmin or DevOps expert conduct the installation and set-up. The other key step is for your Sysadmin to connect existing cloud resources i.e. managed Redis, Databases, Object store etc. to Uffizzi. Once fully set up every engineer on your Dev team will be able to take advantage of our Templates for creating new Previews.

Depending on your current workflow Uffizzi typically replaces Terraform, Helm, YAML and other scripting that you use to manually or semi-automate dynamic hosting enviroments. Uffizzi's Continuous Previews occur early in the development process so that your team can validate and approve in-progress topic branches prior to a merge. Your existing CI/CD solutions picks up from there.

Our platform accelerates development by an average of 1.5 to 2 days per two week sprint - that's 3 to 4 days per month - and about a month a year.

Yes. Uffizzi's enables you to fully test your topic branches in a production-like environment so that you can then merge with confidence. At the merge step is when your exisiting CI/CD solution picks up.

Every developer on your team is empowered to easily preview and share the feature they are currently working on. This gives them the confidence to know their code is functioning as intended prior to a merge. Developers also get the benefit of staying in a Git focused workflow - they can deploy directly from Git and never have to context switch over to a DevOps or Ops context - no Dockerfiles, K8s concepts, or 1000 line yaml deployments.

These positions and skillsets are in high demand and many organizations have to make do with one or a limited number of engineers that can fill this role. This often becomes a bottleneck for an organization. Using Uffizzi eliminates the bottleneck by providing self-service capabilities for your Developers. It also enables your DevOps team to focus on more challenging upgrades to your infrastructure that ultimately lead to greater efficiencies and performance for your applications.

Product managers can easily view and provide feedback on in-progress feature development as opposed to downstream after a merge. CP supercharges your Agile process so you can catch mistakes early and quickly iterate. CP eliminates the time opportunity cost of siloed development when the team can't see how features are progressing.

Uffizzi's Continuous Previews take the hard work out of creating dynamic environments and enables your cross-functional team to preview in-progress feature development, quickly iterate, and deliver software faster than ever before. It's time to add CP to your CI/CD development model.





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