About UsUffizzi

Inspired by creative expression. Devoted to our craft. Enriched by giving back. We empower software developers to bring their ideas to life.

Inspired by creative expression

We believe in the power of ideas

We do what we do because we believe that anyone with the right idea—and the right help—can make a positive impact on their community. Everyday we get to help brilliant developers bring their ideas to life, and we're constantly inspired by the possibilities of the human imagination. We built Uffizzi as a space to create, room to grow, and a launch pad for changing the world with great ideas.


Devoted to our craft

We believe in quality

Our customers pride themselves on writing clean and beautiful code. This same mindset permeates everything we do. From the subtle shadow on a frontend component to the design patterns we use to implement backend logic—we strive for elegant simplicity and attention to detail.

Supporting Open Source

We believe in giving back

When you host on Uffizzi you support the Open Source Community. Prior to our first dollar in revenue we began making financial contributions to projects that we use and that help other developers. We're proud to currently support these important community projects.

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