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Learn how to use Uffizzi Cloud from the folks that built it.

Tutorial #1

Deploying an app on Uffizzi Cloud

In this video Sabrina demonstrates how to deploy a simple frontend application on Uffizzi Cloud. She creates a project and cloud environment for her app, then imports her container from Docker Hub.

Tutorial #2

Deploying a database on Uffizzi Cloud

In this video, Grayson demonstrates how Uffizzi makes it easy to deploy a database and automatically connect it to your application. He discusses database tiers in Uffizzi and some of its professional features and pricing.

Tutorial #3

Creating staging and production environments

In this video, Grayson deploys a production application, then after adding a new feature to his app, deploys the newer version to a staging environment to test the feature before promoting it to production.

Tutorial #4

Setting up HTTPS encryption

In this video, Grayson walks through how to request an HTTPS certificate for an application to ensure that traffic to and from your app is secure.