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The Library, which was founded in the mid-18th century by Grand-duke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorraine, was transferred to the part of the Vasari buildings originally occupied by the Medici theatre and, in 1998, by the former Magliabechiana Library.

Its holdings include 470 manuscripts relating to the Florentine collections and a library specialised in art history that is essential for the study and documentation of these collections. There are 64,000 volumes including 5 incunabula, 192 Aldine, 1445 books printed between 1601 and 1800, 1136 periodicals (approx.140 are kept up to date).


Loggiato degli Uffizi, Firenze


Il numero complessivo di titoli è di 64.000.
Tra questi: 5 incunaboli, 192 cinquecentine, 1445 libri stampati tra il 1601 e il 1800, 1136 periodici (di cui circa 140 in continuazione, 470 manoscritti).


Since 1996 the catalogue has been inserted in IRIS database. IRIS is an inter-library association which comprises the Berenson Library of Villa I Tatti, the libraries of the Roberto Longhi Foundation, the Dutch Institute of Art History, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento and the Università Internazionale dell'Arte.

By 30 June 2003 the bibliographical records of the Library inserted in IRIS numbered 40,000. The remaining 23,000 volumes are currently undergoing retroconversion.

The IRIS database is available on internet athttp://www.iris.firenze.it/aleph/ita/start.html

Part of the manuscript collection may also be consulted online at http://www.amanuense.it/UffiziSite/presentazione.asp

The library is open to scholars. Students need a letter of introduction from their school or university.




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